It’s the easiest way to get ARA yet — all you need is your smartphone. Here’s our step-by-step guide.

You, too, can get ARA right on your phone

TL;DR: Get the MetaMask app on your phone. Write your recovery phrase on paper. Buy or send in some ETH. Swap to ARA, contract address 0xa92e7c…ef7df5.

Step 1: Get the MetaMask app

‘Phosphor’ by Robert Henke

This story was first published on Hacker Noon

In August in Montréal, MUTEK, an international festival of digital creativity and electronic music, showcased fantastic projects combining art, music, spherical video, and virtual reality. I attended from Ara Blocks, a software startup dedicated to building tools for digital creators like these…

Ara Blocks

Ara directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits.

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