ARA available now on MetaMask!

It’s the easiest way to get ARA yet — all you need is your smartphone. Here’s our step-by-step guide.

You, too, can get ARA right on your phone

Step 1: Get the MetaMask app

Start out at to get the authentic app for your iPhone or Android device

Step 2: Secure your wallet

Copy your 12-word Secret Recovery Phase to a sheet of paper, and keep it in a safe place

Step 3: Get some ETH

Buy ETH right in MetaMask, or send some from elsewhere to your wallet address here

Step 4: Select ARA

Contract: 0xa92e7c82b11d10716ab534051b271d2f6aef7df5

Type ‘ARA’ to find the token, and make sure the contract address is 0xa92e7c…ef7df5

Step 5: Swap ETH to ARA

Convert some ETH into ARA

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Ara Blocks

Ara directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits.