Join the DeFi revolution. Take direct control of your ETH. Access the full universe of altcoins. The power can be in your hands. Ara’s step by step guide.

The TL;DR summary

  1. On a desktop or laptop computer, get the Chrome extension MetaMask.
  2. Copy your 12-word seed phrase to a sheet of paper, and keep it secret and safe.
  3. Copy your wallet address from MetaMask, paste it after to see what’s in it, and bookmark that page.
  4. In MetaMask, click Add Token, and paste in the ARA contract address 0xa92e7c82b11d10716ab534051b271d2f6aef7df5
  5. Buy ETH in MetaMask, or send some from another app to your MetaMask wallet address.
  6. At Uniswap’s ARA pool, click Trade, connect MetaMask, click the arrow to swap ETH to ARA, type in either amount, and click Swap. MetaMask will confirm, and show the current gas fee in ETH.

Step 1: Get MetaMask

Google Chrome browser on desktop navigated to MetaMask home page
Chrome navigated to MetaMask page from installed MetaMask extension

Step 2: Secure your wallet

MetaMask seed phrase backup step
  • A single sheet of lined paper
  • A pen
  • A hard writing surface
  • The room to yourself

Step 3: See what’s in your wallet

MetaMask extension page, showing wallet address and ETH balance
Etherscan token holdings page, showing a wallet with ETH, ARA, and Uniswap ARA pool tokens


Ara Token

Uniswap V2

Step 4: Tell MetaMask to show a token

Returning to MetaMask in Chrome and pinning the extension
MetaMask extension in Chrome
Telling MetaMask about ARA so it can show your ARA balance
MetaMask in Chrome showing ETH and ARA balances

Step 5: Move ETH to your wallet

Step 6: Swap ETH for ARA

Uniswap page for ARA, with contract address, stats, graphs, and the Trade button
Uniswap page to swap betwen ETH and ARA
MetaMask asks for your confirmation to share information with the Uniswap page
Swapping ETH into the Uniswap liquidity pool to get ARA instead
Confirm the swap transaction in MetaMask, and see and edit the gas fee

Have fun and stay safe




Ara directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits.

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Ara Blocks

Ara Blocks

Ara directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits.

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